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Make a Donation Through PayPal PayPal Donations

Make A Donation Through PayPal  
People Who Have Donated To To Date. (In Order of earliest Donation to latest Donation.)

Yes, I have had to resort to asking for donations to support the web site. could be in trouble in the future without the support of people like you who enjoy coming here.

When I started the web site back in 1997, it was nothing more then carbon copy of some review articles I had found on the net, information about my MX-3, and the lack of mods I had done, a photo gallery of pictures that I had swiped from the corporate Mazda web pages, mainly in Japan and UK since at that time, they were still selling the MX-3, and here in north America they were already history. Of course, I had the very beginnings of the MX-3 History/Timeline's page there as well.

Here is a retro snapshot of the main page on the site back in November 1997.

Since the summer of 1997, the web site has increased in size and traffic immensely. In the beginning as I mentioned, the site was very simple and was hosted on a free 5MB Geocities account using basic html coding a pre-schooler would understand these days.

Shortly after I was offered free web hosting for another web site I had maintained in exchange for banner advertising for a Car Audio company. This was great for me as web hosting space is not cheap, and it offered me more versatility then Geocities had to offer. I figured they wouldn't mind if I threw a few MX-3 files on the server as well. These were the days prior to having a domain name, another yearly expense.

That lasted for almost 2 years, until the web hosting company that was offering me space was no longer dealing with the sponsoring Car Audio company. They were asking me to pay their regular fees for web hosting, which happened to be pretty expensive compared to what I could find elsewhere. I couldn't complain however as they had already almost doubled the original 1 year agreement we had made.

October 2000, I had switched to the current web hosting company, who's rates were very impressive even after converting the currency exchange rates. (They are based in Australia.) The servers are mirrored in Texas, and are still very fast and reliable. I figured with the money that was coming in from regular banner ads which I had placed on the top of each of the web site pages, it would cover the monthly web hosting fees. This was a good thing because, I had always planned on running the site with it supporting itself. However, I was only paid by the Ad company, when people clicked on the banners.

July 2001, the web hosting company hiked there rates, and it became much more then I had originally expected to pay. Compounded with the general trend on the internet these days of banner clicks becoming less and less, this caused the banner advertising agency to close down. Now I was out of luck, this was just last month, September 2001. Now I had higher web hosting fees, and no banner ads to help pay for it. I found two new agencies to display banners on my site. One is for the site in general, and the other is for the very popular Ultimate Bulletin Board. (Which has also increased traffic to the web site greatly!)

The banner clicks on these new banners have been extremely low, which caused me to put a memo under them on the UBB asking people to support the site and click the banners. Even the banners that are being clicked now are not coming close to what they used to be as far as dollar return goes. This is partially due to less clicks but also due to lower payments shelled out by the advertising companies.

In general the site is costing me much more then it is bringing in. The site uses some complex web technology running off of Cold Fusion Server and MS Access Database support for many of the pages on the site.

Don't get me wrong, I love the MX-3, it's community, and will never part from it, however, without some help from the many loyal visitors, and member's of the community, this site will be in trouble. I have recently downsized some of the files that were on the site, including the Online Workshop Manual, and should be able to downgrade the server space requirements, which will in turn lower my monthly expenses slightly, but again it is still an expense that I may not be able to maintain alone.

I want to ensure everyone that I am in no way trying to make money off of the web site. I simply want to be able to maintain it as it has been in the past, and want to guarantee everyone that due to your donations, you will by no means see any extravagant modifications done to my MX-3. Any money that is donated will go strictly towards the web hosting fees, and yearly domain name registration. Any profits will be re routed back to you the visitor in one way or another.

As Barry had mentioned in the beginning of this thread, I have added a link on the top right of the pages both on my site, and in the UBB that says "Make A Donation". This link has taken you to this page, which has a direct link to the PayPal Account I have created for Once you click on the link on the top of this page, you will be prompted to make a donation. I would not ever ask for any specific amount but please make it at least $1, as every payment that is made costs me a service fee of $0.45 or more. You may get a message saying the page has some insecure items, however be assured that the PayPal service is completely secure and the only insecure item is the logo that loads on the page. (Which will not and cannot do any harm.)

I see a couple people have already replied questioning as to whether or not there is any other way to donate beside through Pay Pal. I started with PayPal because it seem to be the easiest for everyone. If by chance you cannot use this service and you still want to make a donation, contact me via e-mail at donate @ and I will see what we can do. My first guess would be you could send a cheque or money order through the mail.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this page, (if you made it this far), and hope you can help support in one way or another.


Jeff Aycan Webmaster/Owner
1995 Blaze Red MX-3 Precidia RS

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Last modified: October 25 2007

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