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 A New Mazda V6 (Fingers Crossed For K-Block) 
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Post A New Mazda V6 (Fingers Crossed For K-Block) ... -expected/

With Mazda no longer tied to Ford for the first time in more than 30 years, they also are no longer under the contractual agreements that were made in the 1990s.

Ford essentially told Mazda to focus on 4-cylinders, drop the K-series V6 and let Ford's superior Ecotec/Duratec team work on the V6 solutions... we all remember the 2.5L Duratec that replaced the K series in the Ford Probe Gen 3... aka the Mercury Cougar. The engine was heavier, and had a different torque curve, and was no where near as rev-happy... which made the Cougar feel SO MUCH SLOWER than a Probe/MX6.

Well... Mazda is in need of a V6 in a HURRY~! Their contract with Ford ends this model year, and that means that their CX9 (which currently enjoys a 3.7L Duratec V6) is going to be left without anything to replace it.

Because of the speed required to get a new engine designed and fitted for the 2016 model year I would put money on a revisit of the K-Series Block design. They still own all the tooling for the blocks, they can still obtain proper volumes and uplifts if required.
The design was a Mazda Engineering favourite, but might be hindered by it's small displacement size.
The current engine (3.7L V6) puts down 273HP@6250, and 270Ft-lbs@4250... Those numbers will be hard to match with a block that really maxes out at a maximum 3.0L. (Remember they can change the casting slightly to allow for larger bores and a slightly longer stroke.)

But I say we keep our fingers crossed. It wouldn't be the first time that a car maker has been forced to re-evaluate old engine designs.

Here is hoping that they keep the same or similar block and implement all the new skyactiv goodies... VVT, Direct Fuel Injection, Etc.

Then it'll just take a couple of Geniuses and one written off CX9 to look into the transplant fun.

May 13 2014, 11:21 AM
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Post Re: A New Mazda V6 (Fingers Crossed For K-Block)
Negative Nancy here.
Mazda has been putting a lot of research on low compression, clean diesel Skyactiv engines and small-displacement turbocharged powerplants.
I would rather bet on a turbocharged Skyactiv and Skyactiv-D for larger vehicles requiring more power and torque.

V6 engines are becoming a thing of the past it seems.

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May 13 2014, 12:04 PM
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Post Re: A New Mazda V6 (Fingers Crossed For K-Block)
The new Mazda6 deliberately dropped the v6 to come out with a diesel intead, actually it was suppose to last year. I test drove one last spring. Beautiful car, but the diesel felt very VW-like with no power at super-low RPMs and it surges inat aroun1 1000-1500 I think it was.

I'd put money against your bet of them coming out with a K-series V6, it's gone. Anything high-reving is really done, even most 4cyls redline around 6500. A longer stroke lowers the redline, which improves engine longevity and also improves on the low end torque, which makes buyers happy. I'm sure it even helps for emissions. The S2000 dropped down for it's 2nd revision in North American, and even the SI is now a K24 that no longer sings to 8k. While Mazda may, maybe come out with a new V6, yes it'll probably be an aluminum motor as well as 60*, cause they typically are, but the K-series was too high-strung and too low torque for such a heavy vehicle. Also with new tech like direct injection, and variable cams, the only thing a new V6 will have in common is the build material and the angle.

One thing that your not seeing is the big picture, is that the CX9 is missing the SkyActiv treatment, yes in the motor, but more importantly is the chassis. The Cx9 gets great reviews for a large SUV, tends to get the top of it's class. The new Cx5 debuted that tech, giving an SUV better mileage than the original 2.0L Mazda3, and then 6 and the new 3 now have it. The Mazda2 in Japan get 70+mpg with their SkyActiv 1.3. Now they announced the Cx3, and the new Miata currently in development and testing. The Mazda5 will only naturally get it eventually because it's been based off the 3's chassis. The Cx5 is rumored to get a diesel as well' the new 6 will eventually. The only one that's missing a SkyActiv chassis is the Cx9. It being a well recieved vehicle, they'll probably take their time on it to make sure it's still top of it's class.

Mazda currently has their diesel motors in race cars in the US, working with SpeedSource.

As for a turbo 4cyl SkyActiv, there's no word on it yet. People have been waiting on news on that for hopes of a new MazdaSpeed3, or as an option in the new SkyActiv Miata since they rumored either a 1.6 or 2.0 turbo in there. The current test mule found ran a Fiat 1.4 Turbo in it, so despite the chopped up Miata body, that may be the Alpha Romeo/Fiat roadster in testing instead.

And one last note, I don't see them looking into hybrids just yet, that's not their philosophy or mentality at the moment.

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May 13 2014, 1:07 PM
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Post Re: A New Mazda V6 (Fingers Crossed For K-Block)
The HighKnee has spoken. :wink: :D Turbos are nice but have their inherent issues as well. In saying that when my turbo kicks in and boosts get above 15psi I always and I mean always smile. :D
These days you can take a diesel engine and really make them haul azz. I saw a V8 diesel in a full size 1965 chev pull 11.5 in the quarter mile. With a large filter you could fill up at your tank at your neighborhood chip truck. :lol:

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May 13 2014, 8:27 PM
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Post Re: A New Mazda V6 (Fingers Crossed For K-Block)
Our cars aren't worth the hassle even if it did happen and an engine could be fitted :lol:

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May 17 2014, 3:06 AM
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