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 A Walkthrough on removing a 94+ Dash. 
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Post A Walkthrough on removing a 94+ Dash.
Removing a 94+ Dash.

1. Disconnect battery.

2. Open driver side door and remove the plastic panel that is apart of the dash. You will need a flathead screwdriver for this.

3. Remove the screws . You can either use a #2 Phillips Head or you can use a ¼” socket with a #2 bit.

4. Remove the 2 12mm bolts. (Should be gold in color)

5. Remove the hood release by backing out the nut holding it in and pulling it down.

6. Remove the screw that is down there and pull that part off.

7. Remove the steering column cover which is held in by three #2 screws. The top comes off first. The bottom will come off after you pull down and disconnect the ignition light. Held in by a #1 screw.

8. Remove your center console. There is a total of four screws. Two in the back (After you slide your seat up) and two in the front, right before you see your shifter. (On mine, it was right before you see the next panel housing the automatic shifter.)

9. Pull ashtray out and remove the screw behind it.

10. Disconnect the cigarette lighter. You may have to remove the computer panel on the passenger side and remove the connector. There is also a light that is inside the ashtray housing. Take a small flathead and push on the housing and it will retract itself out.

11. You should now be able to pull off the front console panel. I believe there is five pop tabs that will secure it in.

12. On the secondary front console panel, there is a pop clip on each side, take a flat head and get on the inside circle and pull up, this will disengage the clip and then you can remove it. Then there are two screws that are seen on each side if you are looking at it from the front where the cup holder is. Remove those. This should come out.

13. Remove radio.

14. Remove climate control unit. (Two screws) There are two connectors and one cable.

15. Remove the third front panel that holds your radio and the pocket hole. IIRC it should be two screws.

16. You will see a total of four 12mm bolts, two on the driver side of the dash frame and two on the passenger side of the dash frame. Remove those. (You should be able to see these after you removed the front console panels. They are bolted to the frame of the car.)

17. Open passenger door and remove the panel like you did on the driver side. Two screws there.

18. Remove the 2 12mm bolts. (Should be gold in color)

19. Open glove box. Two more screws, one on each side of the latch. Pull up on the lid on the right side and remove the lid. Two screws there on each side.

20. Under the air bag there are a total of four bolts securing it in. 12mm. Remove the first two, then remove the duct hose and remove the other two.

21. On the passenger side kickpanel, remove it and it will reveal the passenger side airbag cables. (Orange and blue) Unplug those and you should be able to pull up the airbag. NOTE: You can keep the airbag in if you like, however it will make the dash just that much harder to remove. You still must unplug the cables. As mentioned, please disconnect your battery.

22. Going back to the driver side, there is a breakaway panel in front of the gauge cluster. Remove it.

23. There are two screws on top infront of the gauge cluster is and four on the bottom. Remove those.

24. As you are pulling the meter hood off from left to right, disconnect your dimmer switch, power mirrors, (if you have it, cruise control), hazard button, and your rear defrost connections.

25. There are four screws holding in the speedometer, two on the top and two on the bottom. Remove those.

26. Very slowly, pull out the speedometer, there is a cable on the top left and right that have horizontal connections and one on the right that is vertically connected. Remove those by taking your hand and going over and behind the speedometer. If by some chance you have a cable driven speedometer out of a 92-93, recline the seat, reach your hand behind the speedometer and the connector is clipped on to the back. Squeeze the connector and pull back, and that cable is off. Now, you should be able to pull the speedometer out. (Thanks Ryan!)

27. Now here comes the fun part. Removing the upper garnish infront of the dash. (The thing that has your VIN number on it. There is a panel in the center of it. Remove it. You will more than likely scar it up with a tiny flathead screwdriver. (The panel on the passenger side of the garnish does not need to be removed.)

28. There is a screw under that panel, remove it. Now remove the upper garnish by taking a flat head and starting from the middle and working your way out popping up the clips.

29. Now you have revealed three 10mm bolts, one on the driver side, one in the middle, and one on the passenger side. Using a socket and/or a wrench, remove those.

30. We are going to start unplugging wires now. There is a couple on the driver side. Where you see the fuse box, there is a green connector, unplug that. On the steering column on the top side you will see a plug with some massive wires on it. Unplug that. There is a series of three or four smaller plugs underneath the steering column, unplug those. The only one that I remember unplugging on the passenger is right behind the black box there is a four prong cable. Says 20A on it. Remove that. There are probably a couple more that need to be unplugged, but you will have to do those one you start pulling the dash out.

31. Sitting in the driver seat, there are two bolts that hold the steering column to the frame of the dash. 12mm. Remove those and the steering column will rest on the seat.

32. You should now be able to remove the dash. If you noticed, the four bolts you removed in the middle that were securing the dash to the frame of the car, there is a rivet bolt on each side. The easiest way to remove the dash is to tilt it back towards you removing any extra wires and then pull it out.

33. In the words of the Chilton manual, (where none of this can be found at all!) installation is reverse.
Please feel free to let me know if I missed any steps. I did this yesterday and this is all I remember. Pages S-061 to S-064 from the 95 Manual will help greatly on disassembly.

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Post Re: A Walkthrough on removing a 94+ Dash.
Haha very nice! I'll be doing this in the near future. Somebody FAQ this.

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