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 alarm/remote start help? 
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Post alarm/remote start help?
i doubt anyone here can help with this but we'll see. a little over a year ago i bought a viper 5901 remote start/alarm and had it professionally installed into my old 92 gs. long story short that car is being sent for scrap and i have removed the alarm and installed it into my 94 gs. while removing the old alarm i paid close attention and documented everything as i "dissected" it from the car. today i got around to removing the old alarm from my 94 car and installed the viper 5901 as per how it was hooked up in the previous car.

heres the fun part, the disty wiring is different on the 94 so i havnt hooked up the tach wire (no biggie alarm should fuction just not remote start). ive got the alarm wired but just dangling on the drivers floor pan for testing as of this point in time. if i arm the alarm it chips once to say its on, itll even refuse to arm if i try with the door open (like it should).

problem #1 with the door closed and the alarm on i proceeded to gently "hit" the car with no result. unarmed it got inside rolled the window down and armed it again. this time i tried slapping the actual alarm unit to activate the shock sensor, nothing once again. theres nothing i can do to physically activate the alarm. however if i open the door with the system armed it sets off the alarm.

problem #2 the power lock/unlock isn't working. my actuator is good as it was unlocking fine with the old remote. as was the old car before i parked it back in may 2011.

problem #3 when i first tried the alarm it beeped once for lock, twice for unlock like normal. as i was playing with it it started to beep 3 times for unlock, and has finally settled at 4 beeps for unlock. no idea what these mean as the manual doesnt really have any info for installation or troubleshooting.

question? does anyone know if these alarms need to be reprogrammed if they have sat without power for an extended period of time? i know when they are first installed they need to be plugged in and have the different features activated, im just wondering if i need to go back to my original installed and have it programmed.

March 15 2012, 10:51 PM
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Post Re: alarm/remote start help?
I called Viper tech support and they did nothing but screw up my alarm. Tomorrow I go to the installer to, Make it Right. You can try calling them but for a small fee an installer has the tools to set your alarm up correctly. IMO

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March 15 2012, 11:14 PM
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Post Re: alarm/remote start help?
i think the system reset itself to defaults. check this pdf dan if you have a similar alarm, ... pG7jYmo13Q page 12 deals with setting up the alarm features. im gonna play with it tomorrow and see if i can get it working properly. any chance you know what wire on the disty plugs is for the tach dan?

March 16 2012, 12:01 AM
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Post Re: alarm/remote start help?
I am a mecp certified installer.
Here are your answers.
Go to relay wiring, check closely the pins for wiring aftermarket actuators, you need add only one actuator in the driver door as the passenger will follow.
The tach wire is only used for remote start, & if you are on you can check 'vehicle wiring' & find the right wires including the tach wire
Sounds like your shock sensor is not plugged in or a wire was damaged on it, do you have it securely mounted to something? When you shake it do you see the red light in the shock sensor turn on? If so it has power
2 beeps for arm means a door is open or you are in valet mode
4 beeps for disarm means your alarm has been triggered since you armed it last.
They do not need to be reprogrammed, the only difference is with a used alarm the jumper may need to be changed for the polarity of the light flash or the jumper for the tach threshhold, you however are usig practically the same car so no need to change anything.

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April 05 2012, 3:07 PM
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