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Author:  SuperK [ January 05 2014, 2:37 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

MX-3s are shifting more from a community project to a personal project. Its not the car's fault, just the owners and type of owners.
There were a healthy group of intelligent, mature owners that offset the immature kids. People who understood respect offset the disrespectful. And those happened to mostly be the older people. 30s-40s-50s, etc.
People like Yoda, jshcreqwerasdgn (cuzz I always mess up his name) Michael, Charlie, etc.
This forum was built on the closeness of it's members. It was more of a family (with a few bad eggs here and there) then a weenie contest.

And who have we had replace these wonderful, intelligent, mature people? jshcreqwerasdgnmmffffph! got replaced with DANINSKI.
And don't get me wrong, Daninski used to be a fairly intelligent guy. An unfortunate accident happened to him which never left him the same. Something about a laptop which caused mental trauma, now he's two steps away from "off his rocker".

The forums are going to get smaller, that's a fact. But be a small, close-knit community. Go out of your way to help someone else.
Look, we still have new members that are signing up for this site. And it's up to you, the senior members, to show an example. Make yourself a reason why you would want to stay in the community if you were someone else.

Here are some examples:

Miessau drove down from Knoxville to buy a euro bumper from me, and I ended up replacing his timing belt/water pump for no charge after telling him not to pay a shop 500 dollars to do it.
A year or so later, he came down to pick up some parts from my wrecked black RS, and I did a dash swap from 92 to 95 in a record breaking time of one afternoon. Also converted all of his goatsh*t brown interior to black, reshaped his wrecked euro bumper, put in some leather SE seats. He only paid for parts. some time later, I broke up with my long-term relationship with my then-fiancé, and he asked me if he needed to come down. That was cool.
Back in the day, Oldman drove up from Georgia to Tennessee to help me with Gro Harlem's car I had purchased and couldn't figure out. Back in my green years.
Pat down in Atlanta helped me out with some work on my RS when I came down and visited. He was really helpful (I tried to pay him back in some parts he wanted) and we had the opportunity to talk a little and hang out with him and his wife.
I flew into New Jersey, had breakfast with ukrman (a forum member I had never met personally before) chatted a bit and drove off with his car. Great guy.

That brotherhood and camaraderie is what made me love these forums. Genuine, helpful friends. Just try to be a supportive community. Show appreciation. The website isn't an extension of your ego, and each thread isn't your personal bragging corner or your own showcase.

My opinion is, even though this website looks dated and has no mobile site, it's pointless to make the site look more attractive if the members themselves suck :)

Author:  Nd4SpdSe [ January 08 2014, 2:50 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

SuperK wrote:

SuperK wrote:

J-Beef was always easier ;)

Author:  MX_Sid [ April 08 2014, 4:56 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

WOW, hearing you guys talk about this site like it is dead was depressing....

Sure, these cars may be old, and the parts are hard to find. But, isn't that half the reason they are so fun? That's why there are so many work logs, isn't it? When one of us finally tracks down "that" part, fights the corrosion for an afternoon. Gets the new part installed, then goes for a "test drive". (for me it involves spirited driving :lol: ) Which is almost always fun! They have earned the right to brag about their accomplishments via write up/ how to guide.
If everything were bolt-on, we may as well be driving Hondas. I draw inspiration and confidence every time I customize a part. For example, the pacesetter cat-back exhaust bolt holes were a little too wide to fit my cat. so I drilled them out a little, modified the gasket and BAM! new exhaust. I haven't seen many that have a pacesetter hanging below the bumper, prolly because it's not supposed to be there :D . Or the short shifter that I had to add a rubber sleeve onto my through bolt so it would sit snug. It's all about problem solving with these cars. Although, the newer generation isn't into effort as much as instant gratification.
As far as creating an app for, newer smart phones don't need it. I surf this site all the time from my crappy pre-paid "smart" phone, everytime my internet goes out :) . If you are looking for the reason there aren't many new posts, dig through the archive! The forums are so full of information from all you crazy wrench-happy wonderful people, that there isn't much left that hasn't been done. If you want to hear more from the community, go back and delete some information. If someone asks a question that has already been asked, everyone tells them to do a search. So, if you can find pretty much everything you will need to know from doing searches, what's the point in posting?
I remember reading somewhere that this site's aim was to be a complete guide to everything MX-3, well, congratulations! it is! This site is so thorough that I spent 3+ days searching before I realized I may need to post my question. Once I did, I had the answer to my question within a few hours :shock: . And what ever happened to the window decals? I thought they existed but couldn't find them a couple weeks ago. I was planning on putting one on my windshield after I replaced it.
So, in conclusion, if the people around you aren't jealous that YOU get to drive a MX-3, then you obviously haven't explained the various ways it is better than whatever THEY are driving :lol: . examples; if they have more HP, we pay way less for gas, and probably corner better :wink: . If they think it's small, how about this. I moved me, all my tools(3 tool boxes, engine hoist, engine stand, etc...), clothes, personal stuff, and a gasoline generator, across 3 states (only made one trip, just to be clear). These cars are AWESOME!!! Not to mention they eat Hondas alive! :lol: :twisted: :lol:

Author:  Sleeper6 [ April 08 2014, 10:20 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

MX_Sid wrote:
Not to mention they eat Hondas alive! :lol: :twisted: :lol:

You've obviously never raced an S2000 down the highway have you?

And as for the all about customizing, I don't think that is what it really is, for me personally its about return on investment. Whether its on the literal dollar invested or the time involved in making that one piece these are about the most impractical cars to modify these days. For the same dollar/time you put into one of these cars you could double the return in a different platform. As for more HP and us paying less in gas, my KL build would only get 25mpg compared to the 30+mpg s2000 and 26mpg in another friends MS3. Both are faster and handle better. Now if you want to bring price into the equation, another has a $800 honda with a LS swap that will still pace a ZE swap (and wont throw its connecting rod bearings in the process). The only hondas left for us to "eat alive" are vintage 80s & 90s that havent learned how to swap in a B or K series, let alone a J.

At the end of the day, yes I still have a heartfelt enjoyment for my mx-3, although in part I truthfully believe that is due to it being one of the last connections I have to my fathers who now lives on the other side of country from me (we bought it together back when I was still in Highschool). However I've reached a point of understanding whereas unless I come into a better income or a large windfall I would rather save that money for something better ( a modern evo would be amazing) and put this in storage until I could invest some real money into it. In a way I actually feel horrible as I am in the one place with the best chance of making an incredible feature worthy mx3 with the resources around me, Interprep tuning is literally an 2Hr drive away, Swaintech's coating facility is 35mins away, and STM motorsports is 35Mins away (Emery Kapals past 5 cars have all been featured in DSport, not to mention it would be incredible to have the first MX with aKL turbo with one of his forward facing manifolds). At the end of the day though, reality is that real world bills have to come first before "customizing" parts, which is what truely kills the modifying scene as it saps out any enthusiast budget.

All that said, I also brag about the cargo capacity and even still enjoy playing tag on my way to work with my friends s2k, enjoying that low slung go-kart feeling that makes you feel like your going faster than you ever could, and yes, I do have a pacesetter exhaust hanging under my car, even if I did have to weld in a piece to make it match up to my headers.

Author:  Nd4SpdSe [ April 09 2014, 11:03 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

Sleeper6 wrote:
the 30+mpg s2000

The 2.0L is rated for 23mpg, while the 2.2L is 25mpg highway.

Author:  Sleeper6 [ April 09 2014, 2:19 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

Nd4SpdSe wrote:
Sleeper6 wrote:
the 30+mpg s2000

The 2.0L is rated for 23mpg, while the 2.2L is 25mpg highway.

1st gen 2.0l, and it does pull 30+ if your not hard on it, ratings or not thats the reality of his car if you can stay out of v-tech. Babying my ZE cammed overhauled motor was a struggle to hit 26+ with nys modern ethanol fuel, they do it without trying. Anyways its besides the point, the valid argument on these cars is that they are horrible in regards to return on investment to attain the same performance of just about any other vehicle. Unless your willing to sink ungodly amounts of money into these cars you have to be ready to enjoy them just for yourself, as they wont match any of their vintage letalone modern counterparts.

Look at it this way, theres really only 2 owners left of these cars. New owners to naive to what their return is, that start a project full of ambition and give up half way through once they learn the real cost of performance and ownership. The other end of the spectrum you have people like Moon and Weede with enough income to make an amazing car, I can only imagine what their cars would be like if they chose a different platform.

Author:  MX_Sid [ April 09 2014, 4:46 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

You are right, supped up grocery getter VS. legitimate sports car=passed :( . However, your also putting a v6 fwd against a v6(?) rwd. They got more engine space to work with right off the start. In order to keep up we got to kill our fuel economy to create more power. That being said.
I love to go-cart effect! Most of my driving is on city streets and neighborhoods (delivery driver :D ). I also drive a BP'd RS, so I self compare to other 4cyl's. Not sure where you live, but here in southern California, every loser with a Honda wants to race from stop light to stop light, and judging from engine speed and pull, it seems like my little MX could out pace them if I tried. Usually I'm working and not trying to get fired, so I just pace them.
If you were trying to go for straight power or fuel economy, sure other cars are better suited to your needs, no doubt. But, these are pretty much economy cars, or at least the RS, according to my insurance company. So the fact that my grocery getter, zips around town and puts a smile on my face whenever I go over 4k rpm, is all I need. If your needs are to defeat s2000's on highways, why not go rotary? I hear those are pretty beast :D .
As far as return on investment, time or money, it really depends on your expectations and once again needs. However, since our cars are harder and more expensive to mod, it results in more diversity between individual vehicles. When I see an MX on the road, it stands out. The guys at my work that drive Hondas, well, their cars are a dime a dozen. They all look the same, only a few variations. But I'm only speaking from what I see in my neck of the woods, I don't keep up with the racing scene, can't really afford the tires HAHAHA!

Author:  SuperK [ April 10 2014, 1:17 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

I'm not sure why people are throwing the word "investment" around. They're hobby cars with no tangible returns. They're not going to gain value or mow your grass. It's all mental and emotional for the owner.

They're great cars for "cheap speed"
and what I mean by that, is you can either pick up a KL MX-3 for 2500, or KL an MX-3 for 2500. Then you're running 170-190HP in 2500lbs.

Also, this talk about "potential" is out of hand. Plenty of owners have hit 300-400 HP in FI KL and BPs. Yes, you will need to spend a few grand to turbo and upgrade internals. But that's just about every car.

It's humorous to see poor individuals who can't afford to tune use the excuse, "I'm moving on to something with more potential"
If you can't afford to tune an MX-3 to it's limit, why do you think we're going to believe another car is going to be so much better? Your 80s RX7 isn't impressing anyone.

Enjoy your car for what it is. A balanced, budget-conscious upgradable toy. It's easy to get enjoyable speed, easy to get enjoyable sound, easy to get enjoyable handling, and unique enough to make others question why your "Cavalier" or "CRX" looks so different than all the others.

Author:  MX_Sid [ April 10 2014, 4:26 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

Hear hear!! I usually get "del sol" :lol: .

Author:  mx3_ryder [ April 10 2014, 1:29 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

I get... Well what is it? (debadged) or must be fairly new? :lol:

Author:  racycle [ May 02 2014, 8:36 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

I do miss my mx3 worklog and all the help I was getting for the car and everyone i talked to daily up here. I have yet to see another mx3 in my area sence mine. This has definitely been one of the most mature forums I have ever been a part of. This forum has more info about my vw than the vw forums, a lot of the people up there are immature as hell. I was on the vw forum's facebook page and a member wanted to show off a swap he did. He used fiberglass fenders and a ebay bumper and got about 50 hate comments about how trash his car was or how "rice" it was because it had those fiberglass fenders with the vents in them. The funny thing about it was his car was actually nicer than most of the comment's. Seeing stuff like that makes me a little ashamed to be associated with them.

I never had those problems here though. Never had a moment of shame in the mazda, not even when i first got it driving it home with no interior, exterior beat to hell , fender ruined, bumper completely zip tied on. At one point I wanted the full "rice" package, full fiberglass bodykit and a ton of aftermarket cosmetics. Still everyone on this forum was supportive of that. I pretty sure the level of respect I have for everyone here and the cars they drive is because of that and how so many people kept the car stock-ish. such a high passion for oem mazda engineering and their vision for the mx3 Greatly affected my views as a car enthusiast for the better.

I can't remember who but I was talking to someone and they told me "If I wanted to change how the car looked, I would buy a different car." and that really hit my heart with how I looked at my vehicles.

Needless to say, this community has been the favorite part of my car life and it most likely always will be regardless of what I'm driving.

Author:  alvinlulu [ September 11 2015, 10:36 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: What's happening.............

hope not whoever set up this community has put so much effort in it :wink:

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