Coil Negative
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Author:  Jforce [ August 16 2010, 5:08 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Coil Negative

yes thats the yellow/blue signal wire. That comment made me laugh hehe. I'm no expert either that wy i asked :P.

but B and C should be the same signal. both come from the coil negative. so i should be able to use either one of them, using a 1000 ohm resistor on the red wire or none on the y/b wire

apparently it seems to be that the C wires signal is not strong enough i've been told.

" De kabel van je tellerhuis komt uiteindelijk van dezelfde plek af. Bij die 3-stekker is de rode de min, de middelste de signaalkabel voor je toerenteller. Probleem schijnt te zijn dat die signaal kabel soms geen sterk genoeg signaal geeft."

freely translated:

The cable of your instrument cluster eventually comes from the same place. At the 3-plug the red wire is coil minus, and the middel one (Y/L) the tacho signal wire. The problem appears to be that that signal cable sometimes doesn't give a strong enough signal.

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