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 Technical problem VAF and TP 
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Post Technical problem VAF and TP
So, heres the story:

I bought a 94 and swapped my ZE from my 92, pretty sure i did everyhting like i was suposed to. (wiring wise) i have 2 wires without homes by the throttle body and im missing the IAT plug on the other side.
Heres the real brain scrather: when i 10 gnd diagnostics the car to get my engine code, the fan is supposed to kick in, it doesnt, i accidently hit the throttle and theres the fan. i have a code for VAF anf TP, i have 3 of each (one vaf is cooked) either work. when i plug any of the 3 TP's (2 green and one blue) the fan doesnt kick in unless i turn the sensor mechanism. either of my 3 vaf remove the code either. figure it's a wiring problem? (is there possibility when i re-wired the TP i mis-led one wire and thats why its weirding out for both sensors? can anyone help me out please :) thank you any tips help
Thanks for your time

May 20 2010, 9:42 PM
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Post NO-START HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!! (VAF & TP problems)
So i swapped out my comp it removed the MAF and TEMP codes, but i got a 5, and a 9 now. thermosensor and knock. not so woried about the knock sensor ... yet ... anyways is there a common link between the injectors not pulsing and the distributor not giving spark??? i notice with my TP problem it only seems to kick over once in a blue moon and when i hit the throttle or let it go. zin zin zin BACLACK BACLAKC zin zin zin zin zin zin zin just like it forgets the next cylinder. on the 94 theres 4 relays in the pass. side corner that arent there on the 92, this is where the relay is for the fuel? or is tit that one by the ECU??? is there anything else i should konow about the 94 that is different from the 92???? ive realised theres a couple things changed between a 92-93 and the 94, (I.E. Thermosensor wire is were??)

thanks for your time guys

June 06 2010, 10:23 AM
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Post Re: Technical problem VAF and TP
PM solo rider he owns a 94 is is very knowledgable. Here's how to set you TPS

Connect ohmeter to 2 bottom pins (BR and BK/DB) and you should get continuity. If not, loosen 2 TPS retaining bolts and rotate until continuity has just barely been achieved. Semi tighten 2 TPS bolts.
Insert .006" (0.15mm) feeler gauge between the throttle stop screw and throttle lever. This should not break the continuity. If it does break continuity, slightly adjust TPS rotation again to regain the continuity. Insert the gauge in and out a few times to verify.
After confirming continuity with 0.15mm feeler gauge, insert a .020" (.50mm) feeler gauge. This should just barely break continuity but completely. If not re-adjust TPS rotation again. Re-confirm by re-inserting feeler gauge.
In essence, continuity on initial connection to TPS.
Continuity with .15mm gauge inserted.
No continuity with .50mm gauge inserted.
Tighten down TPS retaining bolts.
Re-connect TPS connector.

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