Seatbelt chime fix
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Author:  Demonic1 [ March 14 2014, 1:34 AM ]
Post subject:  Seatbelt chime fix

(Auto belts only)
So, like many people before me I was having issues with the seatbelt beeping constantly. The most common fix is to just bypass the modules and be on your way. I decided to fix it the right way.
So the problem is caused by the years of wear on the contact points, and the connection wears through and stops saying your seatbelts are fastened.

Remove the center console (4 screws) and pull it out.
Remove the two 12mm bolts facing the rear seats.
Disconnect the harness plug.
Remove the seatbelts from the the doorframes.
--Image showing the seatbelt unit.. (stolen from someone else on the forums)
Remove both white plastic caps where the wires go in them. There's only 4 wires so this shouldn't need a pic.
After the caps are removed the wires and PCBs should pull right out.
THIS is the worn down part, and the part we'll work on fixing. You can see the groove gouged out of the boards.
Warm up your soldering iron and get ready to have some fun!
Grab some rubbing alcohol and clean the board.
Grab some flux, and prep the contact points.
Now we're going to do a big no-no in the eyes of an electrical engineer.
Load solder onto the tip of your iron until you get a nice blob.
You will then have to keep a steady pace as you drag the molten solder around the contact point.
Make sure you fill the gouge with new material.
--Pic of what it should look like after you've done this.
You can see the leftover flux on the board and the nice bulge of solder across the contacts.
Grab some rubbing alcohol and clean up the flux left on the board.
Now take a sheet of fine grit sandpaper (I used 600) and place it on a flat surface.
Place the freshly soldered board on the sandpaper and flatten the solder bulge down.
We're trying to put a nice flat area where the contacts run across it.
This is what it should look like after a bit of sanding.

Clean it up with alcohol again.
Then put everything back together. You can handle that right?

Author:  ganue [ March 14 2014, 8:23 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Seatbelt chime fix

Nice - good idea. Think I'll try that tomorrow!!!!

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