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Author:  OROutdoors [ January 16 2013, 9:09 PM ]
Post subject:  Suggestion for new Forum: Book reviews

Not for Book-of-the-Month club; for technical automotive (and related) books. The forum could be run similar to the Buyers and Seller forum in which each book being reviewed would get it's own thread, and then people would post their reviews, responses errata corrections on that thread. Oh, and start each thread with a poll on the book. The reason I came up with this is that I was browsing Amazon for books on cylinder head air flow. There are some reviews there about each book.

Some reviews say that such and such book is great, and other reviews say it is crud. And both are written by people who say they are knowledgable on the topic. Here's the key, if I knew the authors of the reviews, I could gauge the accuracy of review of the book, and thereby know if the book is good or not. Here on this board, if I see a book review, and I know that the author knows his stuff, then I'd be likely to take their recommendation. However, if I know the author to be a person who couldn't think his way out of a room with open doors, well, then I might be less inclined to give credance to his reviews.

Anyway, I eventually decided on 5 books I'm going to buy. I hope none of them really suck.

Author:  MrMazda92 [ January 18 2013, 1:34 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Suggestion for new Forum: Book reviews

Kinda like the idea.

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