Can anyone in Red Deer help me?
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Author:  Evo_Spec [ January 11 2012, 10:31 PM ]
Post subject:  Can anyone in Red Deer help me?

Hey fellow Albertan!
i have a favor to ask of anyone who lives in red deer or is planning to go to red deer or something along that line.

There's an engine stand that's been discontinued and princess auto is blowing them out for dirt cheap and well they're sold out here in calgary and in edmonton and unfortunately i don't know anyone in red deer where all the locations of princess auto that i've called told me that they have 5 of them. This is a link to the engine stand ... gine-stand.
i was hoping someone could buy one and hold it for me or if someone was going to red deer they could pick one up for me on their way back or something.

so if someone out there is able to do this for me that would be awesome.

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