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 K-Series Throttle Bodies and IAC's 
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Post K-Series Throttle Bodies and IAC's
This is a description of the K8, Millenia, KLDE, ZE Throttle Bodies.

All of these TB's have the bolt pattern to fit on any K-series Intake Manifold but aren't perfectly interchangable because of differences in IAC position.

1. The K8DE (55mm) and Millenia (60mm)(Eunos, MS-8, whatever you wanna call it) have the same style of IAC. The IAC cylinder (where the wire harnass connects) sticks out to the right if you were looking at it straight on. This is because these Intake Manifolds have a curved neck on them and if the cylinder came out to the left it would hit the thermostat housing or heater core coolant lines.

2. KLDE TB/IAC, It's bore is 60mm and it has the most unique IAC of them all. The IAC cylinder sticks out to the left and where the harnass connects is pointed straight down, where as the K8/Millenia wire harnass comes in horizontal. This IAC also has a bypass tube which no other IAC has. This KLDE TB/IAC combination can be used on the Straight Neck ZE Intake manny but the large bypass tube has to be connected somehow. From more on this see

3. KLZE Straight Neck (60mm)TB/IAC, This is what you find on all the Straight Neck ZE's which can be K8ZE, KFZE, and KLZE. I'm not saying K8ZE and KFZE TB's are 60mm either. If the Intake neck is straight, 99.9% of the time this is the style you have. This style has the IAC cylinder (where wireharnass plugs on) on the left, the same side as the KLDE but doesn't have the big vaccum port. Since the IAC sticks out on the left it won't fit on the K8DE or Millenia style manifolds.

So next you say why don't you just swap the IAC's?

This would be nice but not so fast. The K8DE/Millenia IAC's are interchangable with each other. The KLDE and Straight Neck ZE IAC's are interchangable but one little mod is needed besides the Vaccum tube see probetalk for more on this.

The reason you can't put a K8DE/Millenia IAC on a KLDE/ZE TB is because the pattern to which it bolts up is completely the opposite and visa versa with the KLDE/ZE IAC to the K8DE/Millenia TB.

I will try to take some pictures since I have about 5 different TB's lying around to help everyone better understand this.

Mike Evans
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July 01 2003, 7:03 PM
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