AutoX fun and some startling results as a driver
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Author:  RedAutobotMX3 [ November 05 2012, 12:30 AM ]
Post subject:  AutoX fun and some startling results as a driver

Been getting more serious about tracking my MX-3 and i autocrossed as much as I could this past season, probably 6 SCCA sponsored events and another 4 low key "test and tune" sessions at Pittsburgh International Race Complex; old Beaver Run. I was also able to get a good number of pictures and a few videos, compliments of my father, at this link: ... ransformer
First video I pick up a cone and drag it the whole way. 2nd is my best run of the day, a 42.1 IIRC. third was last run of the day, as day light was dwindling, and i think that was a 42.6. Fastest time of the day was a 38.9 held by a very good driver in an SMF class CRX. I run FSP(street prepared) cause of the motor swap.

At the last low key session a few weeks ago, I was able to do something I hadn't experienced before. And that was, to drive the same course twice in one season(I've been autocrossing for a few years now). I immediately recognized it and was able to really get into my runs quickly and drop significant time from the start of the session. This wasn't the same course as mentioned in the first paragraph, but It was a particularly tight course with several wide sweepers to either side. The MX-3 did fabulous with me behind the wheel; ended up id say 7th out of 40some cars with a 40.9sec. Several M3's, 350Z, miatas, corvettes, trans am, were all running in the mid 41's where I was most of the event, but i broke through near the end, with only brand new vettes and lotus' beating me out in the high 39'secs. I even dusted my local buddy's 2011 mazdaspeed3 by 2 seconds! I was very proud as a driver and for my car that day!

I get all kinds of compliments on my car and how rare it is, or OH what is that?
IT sounds mean on the course and has gotten compliments for that as well.

Author:  crazycanadian [ November 05 2012, 1:55 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: AutoX fun and some startling results as a driver

Awsome write up bud... Autocross is big addiction for me.. Its such a great feeling when you do so well at an event.. Keep it up.. It only gets better as you sort out the car and build it up...

What all mods have you done to be in FSP?

If you need a hand, feel free to pm me.. have been building and developing my 92 323 to compete in SMF... Over the summer I made a lot of progress in getting my car sorted out

Author:  fowljesse [ November 05 2012, 3:18 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: AutoX fun and some startling results as a driver

Sweet! I love AutoX, but seem to never have the $$, when the time comes. With my mods, I run with very prepared cars, but I just do it for fun.

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