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Post Supercharging
So ive read thru this forum anf many others....everyone ive seen uses some type of tranfser shaft to place the chager near the battery...I saw one mx6 wiyh a powerdyne...a couple using am eaton I believe I have a Ford Tbird eaton m90 laying around from my mirage. If u didnt know Eaton made these as renote mount...and it has a much shorter snout then the others. Has anyone tried this...I was told I couldt use it on the mirage because of its size and a needed outlet...but subce it was directlu under the hood it has a rather narrow outlet...if any of you know the space between the ac and the front buplmper support id love to know how narrow it realy is under theee.

April 07 2014, 3:29 AM
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Post Re: Supercharging

The Eaton Supercharger Model 90 is designed for 3.0L to 5.0L passenger car and light truck engines

You're going to have a hard time putting that much air through your engine. Reading your posts, you're still working on getting a KL transplant? Even after you get a KL in there, it's still a jump to the "3.0" recommended displacement. You could run a larger pulley, but that'$ going to co$t a bit and you'll probably have to get it special made for the right diameter/PSI ratio.
You'd probably be better off selling the M90 and using the money to purchase a M45 or M62.

Wings on an MX3? What are you thinking?

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April 07 2014, 11:11 PM
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Post Re: Supercharging
If you want to look into supercharging, read this whole WL, this car is an amazing machine and it should give you an idea what to expect. As for everyone using a transfer shaft, your reading some dated info, most those setups overheated and burned out the bearings everyones gone to what weed is doing, just not always as professional.


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April 07 2014, 11:47 PM
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Post Re: Supercharging
Well as far as engine size the engine being smaller than the supercharger is for isnt always a bad thing...if the engibe is too big thats where u run tinto the problem of over spinning it...with the right math I can figure out what size pulleys I need for boost based on how much air the engine takes in per revolution...and as far as making pulleys im good this junkyard rat right here has that figured out as well...I figure what ratio I need for three boost levels low mid and high...that gives me roughly 6 options as to what size pulleys I as long as I dint go bigger then the largest pulley or smaller then the smallest my boost levels will stay within the desired boost...and to take it a step further I use cam gears. This elininates the need for multiple tensioner as you generally need 270* of belt wrap to prevent slippage...timing belts are generally stronger and last longer then ribsled belts as well...I had done all this work and research before for my 1.5 mirage now its just a matter of applying the math to the engine ill be getting...

April 08 2014, 6:14 PM
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Post Re: Supercharging
My truck is a 3.3 and runs an M62.

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April 09 2014, 10:58 AM
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