KLDE swap - no spark
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Author:  Tfries-cc [ December 28 2015, 10:27 PM ]
Post subject:  KLDE swap - no spark

I have two mazda mx3s, one a 1996 with a klze, and the other a 1992 with a klde,
the 92 is a long term project so I wanted to switch the klde into my daily car while I build the 92 so I can put the klze into the 92.
Swapped over the coolant piece on the engine with the sensors so that the appropriate one is with the appropriate OBD car, dropped the engine in no problem, and now I can't get the KLDE to spark.
Also switched the distributors so that the KLZE one is with that engine and the KLDE one is with that engine as they are different.
I also installed the HEI mod to bypass any differences in the KLDE distributor as it is coming from an OBD1 car.
Got the car running today, twice, and now it wont start at all.
the one time the car started, the centre part of the coil the test light was a bright red and pulsed when cranked.( strong power )
and now the car wont start and the coil in the centre has a dim red light when the test light is used, seems like not enough power.
I redid all the wiring from the ignition harness, to the module, to the coil, to the distributor, and there is still no spark,
Anyone have any idea what to do or what to start fixing next?

Author:  Daninski [ January 20 2016, 7:07 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: KLDE swap - no spark

The 3 wire plug on the disty is wired differently on the 96. You should use the 96 disty but since you've done the HEI did you do it like in the Faq. viewtopic.php?f=23&t=69006 I suggest you reset your ECU, I had a similar problem and after resetting the ECU and correcting a wiring problem (plugged my fuel rail into the O2 monitor plug by mistake :oops: ) the engine started fine.

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