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Author:  windofire [ February 27 2014, 4:11 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: klze dyno

It was in 4th gear and he made two pulls, both saying 186-187whp.

I'm not quite sure where my engine comes from, as it was purchased from a totaled mazda 323f v6 and the company he bought it from, sells them without IM.
When I got it, it had a kf IM on it, 6 nipple disty and egr with a block off plate (the previous owner might installed his old egr on the kl).
I then bought a curved neck IM from the Netherlands, instead of the kf.
It says kl31-1a1 on the heads, kl01 on the cams and has flat top pistons.

Okay, I thought that the main difference between the cams was where torque would max out. but thanks for the info :)
I can see that torque drops about 15nm after 3400 and then gains a little Again.
I don't have an afr but i know its running a bit rich, as I can smell unburned fuel from my exhaust ;)

Author:  RX8SE3P [ February 27 2014, 4:32 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: klze dyno

Did the dyno place show AFR anywhere? Doesn't matter if it didn't, I'm just trying to find out how rich people with stock KL31/36 ecu are running.

Difference of cams are that some are designed for higher HP and torque but you have to rev higher. Some are more designed for lower rpm torque and power. For example, the eunos 800/millenia car is a family luxury sedan. Hence they put in KL01 cams because the car is also automatic and lower rpms is where it will mostly be. Japanese MX6 however is a more sporty car and that featured the straight neck manifold, KL31 cams etc. All driven to higher rpms and higher power as it's more likely to be driven hard and raced than a family sedan.

Many KLZE enthusiasts go wrong. They think that a KL01 cam engine still has 200HP or that they can call it a KLZE. This is wrong. If you installed aftermarket race camshafts, they would be significantly more powerful in the high rpms. But they would have such low torque and power down lower in the rev range that you would hardly be able to idle without stalling.

Now variable camshafts are a different thing altogether. But that's something we will never have in a KL engine :(

BTW: My opinion, there are a few types of engine only:

KL01 engines (virtually everything is KL01)
KL31 engines (everything is KL31, manifold, heads, throttle, cams, high comp pistons etc) (7 nipple disty with external coil comes stock and no EGR)
Millenia/Eunos800 Hybrids (KL01 cams in KL31 heads but sometimes has or has not EGR, 6/7 nipple disty, low/high comp pistons etc)

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