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 Eunos 30x engine swap - a load of questions :P 
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Post Eunos 30x engine swap - a load of questions :P
Hi, I live in Australia and I recently got myself a 30x/MX-3. I have a few questions about modifying it a bit and perhaps doing an engine swap.

I have the standard 1.8 litre engine and it's done about 200 clicks. I was thinking that I'd just drive it around and if there were any major engine issues I would do a swap. Now if it runs fine and whatnot, I'll probably hold off the engine swaps for a while, but I was wondering if upgrading the exhaust system would do anything apart from making me look like a jerk with a loud exhaust and no power? Am I looking at a 5-10KW increase in power or should I save my cash and not bother?

Now, eventually I'd love to swap the engine with a 2.5L. I've been reading a bit about it and it seems that in Australia, the Ford probe, Ford Telstar, Mazda 626 and MX-6 all have the 2.5L engine. So my plan was to probably go to the auctions and look for a cheap wreck with low mileage that only has back or side damage and flog the engine out of it. It seems that these engines only have 121KW of power in them opposed to one of the different 2.5L engine that has 147KW of power. I don't think I can get the 147KW engine in Australia, so does anyone know if the 121KW engine is powerful enough and worth doing a swap from the 1.8L engine?

Another question I have been thinking about is if I get myself a bigger engine, is it a very hard swap, do many things have to be modified so it can fit? Would it be easier to just pay a mechanic or someone like that to do it, or would they charge me an arm and a leg? If it's simple enough, me and my dad can probably work it out but if it's hard, I'd pay a mechanic, as long as I don't have to fork out more than 2 grand when I provide the engine.

Which comes to my next question, if anyone here lives in Adelaide and has done the swap before and wants to earn some money, I'll pay you to do it for me :)

Thanks heaps for any answers.

April 09 2007, 9:26 AM
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You can read up on the FAQ-s and the engine swap ??'s will be abswered for the most part. I have been asking on how to switch my 1.8L to the 626 engine i have found here in my town. All i have to do is swap out the ecu and vaf (air flow sensor) and put in a berrer clutch ( probe gt) or something. I think that is about all there is, give or take a couple things.

April 09 2007, 11:56 AM
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The swap directions are pretty easy and there are several you can read. I wrote one that is in the FAQ I think. If it is not there you can go to and read it there. The swap is pretty much like changing a 1.8L for a more powerful 1.8L in that the motors and transmisions are externally almost identical. The mounts are all the same, the exhaust should bolt right up (if using the stock 1.8L exhaust from the Y pipe to the muffler). You will need a ECU that goes with the motor that you buy and the VAF (air flow meter) will need ot match the motor also. Other than that the wiring, trans, radiator axles and other parts can be used from the 1.8L. You will need a more beffy clutch in the trans to handle the extra power.
TeamEunos is a Mazda site located in Australia that can be very helpful if you need a more local hand.

ZE -strait neck,headers,2.5 exhaust,pheno spacers,lower cross member,GC coils,MS struts,Brembo slotted rotors,filled MS mounts,SS brake/clutch lines, CAI,to rear bat reloc,Hella headlamps,Hella DE fogs 180WHP

April 09 2007, 4:42 PM
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Thanks heaps for the info :D

April 10 2007, 2:25 AM
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