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 FAQ: General Engine/Forum Terms. READ IT!!!!! 
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Post FAQ: General Engine/Forum Terms. READ IT!!!!!
Ok, Im the new owner of a 92 1.8 v6 mx3. I need to know what model number it's called... the motor that is. Any nicknames.... Im just trying to follow you guys on this board. And Im not familiar with the verbage and lingo just yet. Definitely will help when it comes time to purchase parts from other owners. Thanks in advance.

July 08 2004, 4:49 PM
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Post Re: need to know some info on my mx3 guys
North American models with K-series Engines:

*V6 Engine Codes*

K8 1.8 liter (1844cc) 130Hp :92-94 Mazda MX-3 GS (US-spec), Precedia (CDN-spec)
k8-ZE JDM version of the k8DE - 140 Hp.
KF 2.0 liter (1995cc) 160-170 Depending on Model
KJ (KJ-ZEM) 2.3 liter (2254cc) :95-02 Millenia S
KL 2.5 liter (2497cc and 2507cc) :93-97 Ford Probe GT, Mazda MX6 LS, 95-02 Millenia, 93-02 626 ES (sometimes referred as KL03 or KLDE)
KL-ZE JDM version of the KL-DE (190-200HP)

*I4 Engine Codes*

B6-SOHC 1.6L Base engine for 92-93 RS models 88HP
B6-DOHC 1.6L Base engine for 94+ RS models 105HP
B6t 1.6L 136hp turbo engine fitting RS models
BP 1.8L usually found in Ford Escorts, Mercury Tracers, Kia Sephias, and Mazda Proteges.
BPT 1.8L 210hp/185HP (depending on model) turbo engine fitting RS models

*Common Terms*

The suffix meanings are as follows:

"E" stands for "Electronic Fuel Injection" (EFI)

"D" indicates that the engine is a dual overhead camshaft model

"Z" indicates that the engine is a Mazda performance version. For the K-Series engines, Mazda adds higher compression pistons, more agressive camshafts and larger ports in the heads and intake manifold.

"M" indicates that the engine is a "Miller-Cycle" engine which utilizes a screw-type supercharger and dual intercoolers to charge the incoming air, boosting its output.

DOHC - Dual Over-Head Cam

SOHC - Single Over-Head Cam

Precidia = Candian release name of MX-3

FI - mean Forced Induction; Nitrous Oxide (NO2 or NOS), SuperCharged, TurboCharged

IM - Intake Manifold

TPS - Throttle Position Sensor

WOT - Wide Open Throttle

CEL - Check Engine Light

ECU - the car's computer (engine control unit)

ATCM - Automatic Transmission Control Module

OBDI/OBBII - (On Board Diagnostics version 1 or 2) refering to the type of ECU, OBDII has alot more diagnostics. Unless your Mx-3 GS is made in 1996+, it will be OBDI

AT/ATX - Automatic Transmission

MT/MTX - Manual Gearbox

LSD - Limited Slip Differential

CAI - Cold Air Intake

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July 08 2004, 5:00 PM
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Post Re: need to know some info on my mx3 guys
Originally posted by Tempus:
The -ZE suffix engines are typically from Japan. (I'm not sure what was used in european markets)
All Euro spec are DE also. They even have a DE version of the 2.0L KF engine, which we never had in the states. I believe alot of European countries have tax breaks (or lower taxes rather)for cars with under 2,000 cc engines, so pretty much every car sold has some kind of 2.0 liter option, including alot of BMW and Mercedes.

August 02 2004, 11:58 AM
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